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Whether you've been involved with magnetic scrapbooking in the past or, even if your new to this great way of scrapbooking... Embellishing your story with Carol Roeda designed magnetic scrapbooking is a wonderful way to show off your memories! Our video and samples may help you with wonderful idea's to make your scrapbooking a memory that will stick with you always!
Click here to see some great idea's!

Mother's Are so special!
Click here to see some of the magnets you can use for your mom which are great idea's year round!

Personalize your photo's with impact!
Adding magnetic frames, and words to your photo's add a certain little extra that says so much!
It's a great addition to bedrooms, and dorm rooms from elementary school, high school, and even for those that are in college!
Click here to start by selecting a photo frame!

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, what a great gift to give to that special person in your life!
Click here to select your memo boards, and from there just add your magnetic words, and your selected magnetic artwork!

Wedding memories are precious!
Here's another great way to share that special occasion!
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It doesn't matter if your 1 or, 101 years old! Birthdays are always special no matter how old you are. This is a great way to show off that special day!
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